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Businesses need video coverage in outdoor areas such as loading docks, parking lots and parking garages. In areas of the country such as here in the northeast, weather can be rough specifically during winter months. Commercial security cameras can be fitted with weatherproof housings that actually provide heat by way of a heater and also have a blower. The housings not only protect the cameras form the elements, but also from vandals.


Another condition that has to be accounted for with outdoor security cameras is light, or the lack thereof. Many cameras that are purchased specifically for the outdoors will have what's generally referred to as "nightvision". This usually means that they have infrared capability. The security cameras have infrared illuminators that transmit a beam of infrared light sometimes over 100 feet away. They are actually creating light in otherwise dark conditions. These cameras will also often come with the aforementioned weather-resistant options they are often combined as packages with the same commercial security camera suited for the outdoors.


This is not only a feature and a service that can be added to your overall video surveillance system, it's also a new way to manage and oversee your business from a distance.

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